Why incorporate kinetic marketing?


Kinetic marketing is an excellent way to engage with your target audience and develop two-way conversations. It also improves SERP. The top two search engines used are Google and YouTube.  Which do you use? By generating quality content hosted on YouTube, yet viewed directly from your website, you can interact with your audience.  Content can be adjusted according to viewer comments. It is possible to build a social following through this channel which will increase website traffic.  The key to successful social media following is posting the correct content on channels your audience is viewing. Do you know which content is relevant for customers who are ready to purchase versus those who are in the research phase?  What engages your audience and generates leads? How do you nurture them and convert leads into prospects?

Generating appropriate content is time-consuming and kinetic content even more so.  Videos are generally costly and take a long time to produce.  However, there are multiple formats, other than glossy studio production and animations, which can be used to engage with your audience. Podcasts are a good alternative to videos and can easily be consumed on the go. It is important to closely monitor your social media metrics and understand which content is effective and change tactics accordingly.

Generate evergreen content

Incorporating movement into your marketing campaign breaks up the monotony of text.

Level Tria subscription plan features

Level Ena

All the features from Level Ena are incorporated into the Level Dio subscription level.  This includes:

  • Social media feed
  • Blog content
  • KPI report

Level Dio

All the features from Level Dio are incorporated into the Level Tria subscription level.  This includes:

  • Analytics

kinetic marketing

All the features from Level Ena and Level Dio are incorporated into the Level Tria subscription level plus:

  • Kinetic content
  • Corrective measures

The Level Tria subscription plan includes a comprehensive diagnostic of current marketing activities, content, and analytics to ensure an effective marketing strategy and campaign is developed. The consultation will include meetings with key stakeholders to understand company objectives, product launches, events and timelines in addition to an evaluation of competitors and environmental factors which could hinder success.

creative strategy
Running a diagnostic on your marketing activities provides a good foundation for future activities

Level Tria content plans start at $1800 per month with a 1-year contract. There is a one-time $399 initiation fee which includes a diagnostic consultation.

Kinetogram makes marketing affordable through subscription-based plans.

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