How can Kinetogram Marketing assist you?

Kinetogram marketing is an agency experienced with a variety of scientific fields ranging from proteomics to genomics, in research and diagnostics.  We understand the interactions of genes-DNA-RNA-proteins and can weave appropriate scientific stories into successful campaigns. We know how to develop meaningful collateral that resonates with scientists and Health Care Providers.  

High demand pieces are generally educational such as whitepapers and protocol guides. These sales tools are evergreen pieces due to their longevity.  Protocol guides can be correlated to revenue increase when used correctly in a campaign.  Videos and Artificial Intelligence devices offer an opportunity to provide a quick explanation or overview of technologies and are a great way to engage with the target audience.  How effective is your collateral?

Case studies

Product launch case study

Launching a “me too” support product against the flow cytometry leader

Results: Watch the video

➢ Product exceeded sales forecast by 1000%

➢ A top selling product within 1 year

➢ Number 1 compensation bead on the market

➢ Entire support product portfolio grew 25% quarter over quarter

conference case study

Start up company entering a new market

Results: Watch the video

➢ 120 quality leads generated

➢2 pilot projects initiated

➢ $1M potential annual revenue

➢ 2-hour workshop filled

➢ Conference expenses recovered

SEO  case study

Rank organically on first page during Google searches

Results: Watch the video

➢ Generated quality content

➢First page ranking obtained within 24-hours

➢ Website traffic increased

➢ Effectiveness measured

➢ Competitors bench-marked

Immunology work

Understanding the science - Demonstrating the workflows

Cells and tissues

Understanding the science - Applying the products

Gene expression

Understanding the science - Defining the tools

Cross promoting

Understanding the science - Explaining the connections

Kinetogram makes marketing affordable through subscription-based plans.

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